- Roband S15 Salamander

- Dimensions: W705 x D425 x H370mm, Suitable for 15 slices
- Ideal for grilling, top toasting and finishing off ingredients such as cheese,
   mornays and toppings
- Top heat source only
- Stainless steel construction
- Dual energy regulator control
- Easy-clean crumb tray and reflector
- Long life stainless steel elements
- Alternate rack positioning
- Requires 15 Amp connection
Blue Seal E91 Electric Salamander
- Dimensions: W900 x D390 x H400
- Powerful 6kW infra-red elements
- Left and right heat control
- Branding plate option
- Wall mounting bracket
- Easy clean
- Easy service
- Blue Seal G91B Gas Salamander
- Dimensions: W900 x D390 x H400mm
- Powerful infra-red gas burners
- Left and right individual burner controls
- Branding plate option
- Wall mounting bracket
- Easy clean
- Easy service
- Cobra CS9 Gas Salamander

- Dimensions: W900 x D422 x H450mm
- Stainless steel finish
- Dual high performance infra-red gas burners
- Removable easy-clean bottom tray
- Flame failure protection on each burner
- Branding plate option
- Wall mounting bracket
- Easy clean
- Easy service
- WALDORF Electric Salamander SN8200E

- Dimensions: W900x D424 x H456mm, 38 kg
- Powerful 6kW infra-red elements
- Dual controls
- 31 Mj/hour rating
- Wall mounting bracket included
- Power 240/50/1+N+E 25 amps
- WARRANTY: 12 months Parts & Labour
- WALDORF Gas Salamander SN8200G

- Dimensions: W900x D424 x H456mm, 38 kg
- 2 infra-red burners with dual control
- Standing pilot with flame failure
- 31 Mj/hour rating
- Wall mounting bracket included
- WARRANTY: 12 months Parts & Labour
- Anvil SAA0002 Adjustable Salamander
- Dimensions: 600 x 510 x 528
- Weight: 45kg
- Robust st/steel construction
- Ideal for defrosting, gratinating, grilling, browning, etc.
- Supplied with one removeable grid
- Top heat only
- Independent heat control of left and right hand side
- 240V; 15A; 3kW
- Imperial Griddle Salamander
- Cook Top Features - Griddle Top
- 15,000 BTU/hr. (4 kw) radiant type burner with heat deflector located every 12" (305) of 
    griddle surface for even cooking.
- Manually controlled gas valve per burner.
- Highly polished 3/4" (19) griddle plate, ample 24" (610) depth.
- Available in 24" (610), 36" (914) and 48" (1219) widths.

- Broiler Features
- Convenient chrome plated slide-out broiler rack is removable for easy cleaning.
- Large full width broiler drip tray is removable.

- Griddle Features
- Stainless steel front, sides and landing ledge.
- Welded stainless steel seams.
- Large 5" (127) stainless steel landing ledge.
- 4" (102) heavy duty stainless steel legs with adjustable feet.
- One year parts and labor warranty.
- AGA and CGA design certified and NSF listed.

- Model Numbers
- RGB-24  - w  610 
- RGB-36  - w  914
- RGB-48  - w 1219
- Imperial Gas Salamander Broiler
- Gas fired infra-red burner provides instant, even heating.
- Model: ISB-36 is 35,000 BTU/hr. (10 KW).
- Model: ISB-24 is 25,000 BTU/hr. (7 KW).
- Adjustable gas valve.
- Protective screen over infra-red burner.
- Individual left and right gas controls on ISB-36 36" (914) wide model.
- Broiler grid is spring balanced. Raises and lowers with positive locking in four positions.
- Grid rack assembly rolls out a full 10" (254) for easy loading and unloading.
- Large capacity broiler pan fits under the 405 sq. In. broiler grid. ISB-36 36" (914) wide
- Full width broiler pan can be easily removed for cleaning.
- Salamander Broiler unit mounts over all Imperial Restaurant Ranges and can also be 
    wall or counter mounted.
- Stainless steel front and sides.
- Welded stainless steel seams.
- One year parts and labor warranty.
Roband S15 Salamander
Blue Seal E91 Electric Salamander
Blue Seal G91 Gas Salamander
Cobra CS9 Gas Salamander
Waldorf SN8200 Electric Salamander
Waldorf SN8200G Gas Salamander
ANVIL adjustable salamander, code SAA0002
Imperial Griddle Salamander Model RGB-36
Imperial Gas Salamander
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